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bag Manufacturer In China

Diiamo is a professional vegan leather custom bag manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We are good at customizing all kinds of bags according to specifications/ sketch design, durable quality with good stitching and finishing. 

As a vegan handbag supplier of Macy's, pass official audit, Diiamo takes quality and details seriously, adopts strict quality inspection standards. Welcome to send us your design to quote or make bag samples. 

From materials sourcing, sample development to bulk production and shipping, get everything you need to be made under one roof with us.

Bag Manufacturer sample making department in China

Bags we can manufacture

vegan faux leather bag
Handbag, tote bag ,etc
Backpack 2 1
Backpack, travel bag ,etc
Accessories 1
Wallet/ card holder ,etc
Our materials: Vegan leather, PU, microfiber, canvas, nylon, PVC, digital printing materials, suede, sustainable recycled leather, etc.

Our vegan bag products

Hand Bag Production Spy

Hand bag customization Guide

Sustainable recycled leather bag manufacturer

Our water-based leather has been inspected and assessed in accordance with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The binders and coatings of leather are made of biomass, generated from renewable sources, like rapeseed oil, wheat, waste, algae, and soy. The back fabric of leather is made of recycled post-consumer polyester.

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Differentiate bag trading company from factory

How to Differentiate Trading Companies from Factories While Attending the Canton Fair? Suppliers play an essential role in business development. When it comes to sourcing from China, many people wrap their heads around trade fairs especially Canton Fair to source suppliers that fabricate the products rather than intermediaries. In case you don’t know who are you dealing with in China

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Why Work With Diiamo?

Satisfactory Quality

Satisfactory Quality

Quality is everything, so we care details! Good stitching and finishing, more than 10 years of experience.

crossbody bag

Effective Communication

We are good at listening, care what you concern. Your requirements are what we focus on.



Aim at long-term coopration business relationship, your benefit and felling are put in the first palce by us.

bucket bag

Social Compliance

Diiamo endeavors to protect the health, safety, and labor rights of our workers. Reasonable/ fair wages.