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Be a sustainable recycled leather bag manufacturer

As a luxury top-quality bag manufacturer, we mainly use sustainable/ recycled leather to manufacture eco bags for our clients. We cannot change the world, but we can change ourselves and slowly affect the world.
Today, our demand for natural resources far exceeds the annual renewable capacity of the earth. People’s overfishing of natural resources, demand, and emission of carbon dioxide has long exceeded the ecosystem Capacity. For the sustainable development of mankind, we should be deeply aware of this reality and change our production and lifestyles. We need to change our thinking and the development of new materials, processes, and products. We need to use (raw) materials smarter and more sustainable in production.

Raw materials as the basis of sustainable life

The raw materials we use are key as our global consumption is now exceeding the earth can reproduce and our emission of carbon dioxide can no longer be absorbed, it is time for a change. Our water-based leather has been inspected and assessed in accordance with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The binders and coatings of leather are made of biomass, generated from renewable sources, like rapeseed oil, wheat, waste, algae, and soy. The back fabric of leather is made of recycled post-consumer polyester.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certificate

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certificate

Leather binders and coatings materials

Leather Binders And Coatings Materials

Our sustainable/recycled leather material suppliers have established cooperative relationships with multiple bio-based raw material suppliers, and are developing high-performance products that contain a large number of renewable ingredients. Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. is one of its partners. Since the cooperation in 2016, a new class of bio-based polyurethane base materials has been developed through Elevance's C18 monomer technology. Through the new C18 polyol technology, can develop hydrophobic and crystalline bio-based coatings that improve hydrolytic stability while maintaining the required softness.

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About Author

Diiamo is a high quality bag manufacturer in China, with low MOQ. Good stitching and finishing, more than 10 years of experience. We do not like the immutable style of doing things, always try best to meet the needs of our clients.

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